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Onze Portefeuille

Based in Delft The Netherlands, Dynamic Ear Company (DEC) develops and manufactures innovative hearing protection and sound management solutions for musicians, industry, military and leisure and almost every application where loud sounds can cause permanent hearing damage. The DEC filter technology changes the industry of modern hearing protection by providing unprecedented ‘flat attenuation’. This allows users to hear sounds in a natural but still a safe way.

Hemics is a medical device company active in the field of inflammatory joint diseases. Hemics developed the HandScan, a new non-invasive optical imaging device. It supports rheumatologists in objective assessment of inflammatory status in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The technique is time saving, safe and operator independent, and thus very suitable for monitoring RA. Early 2015 Hemics received CE marking required for sales of its medical device in Europe. Hemics was founded as a spin-off of Royal Philips.

A modern car contains over a hundred million lines of software. The web browser in your smartphone already has 8 million lines of software. Software executes on a “multicore” chip. Theoretically, the programmer can partition the software over multiple processors and reach a speedup or an increase in battery life. In practice? Field recalls, security leaks, and software that does not fully utilize the available compute power. Vector Fabrics offers the programmer the tools to program multicores without errors. The result? Five times lower battery usage in presenting web pages. Decoding videos an order of magnitude faster. No field recalls.

Etulipa is transforming the world of outdoor digital advertising. Its proven electro-wetting display technology (EWD) has comparable visual characteristics as the incumbent paper or vinyl billboards, but displays digital dynamic content, including low frame-rate animations and video. Since EWD uses the same principle of light reflection as paper or vinyl, it offers proven visual perception required for advertisements by brands in all light conditions. EWD is superior to light-emission technologies like LED not only in visual perception due to the above reflective principle, but also dissipates 100 times less power.

Recore Systems designs heterogeneous many-core processor systems. Our mission is to make the many-core life easy for our customers, as implemented in our FlexaWare platform. FlexaWare is a flexible and scalable embedded processing platform that unites easy programming and heterogeneous many-core system complexity.

It was designed from the ground up to specifically offer the flexibility and scalability needed to cater to a range of application domains. FlexaWare combines hardware, a runtime and a software development environment. Unleashing its full processing power through software programming is easy and straightforward.

MACH8 Lasers develops tunable diode lasers for fiber optical telecommunication applications based on a fundamentally new laser feedback mechanism. The MACH8 lasers exhibit a 100x tuning speed advantage together with a 10x manufacturing cost advantage. These advantages will make the MACH8 laser to the enabler of future fiber optical data infrastructures.

Advanced Packaging Center (APC) is an independent company based in The Netherlands. APC targets at one-stop shop delivery of research, development, qualification, prototyping and small to medium volume manufacturing services. APC can assist customers to transfer from development to proto-typing to mass production and focuses specially on MEMS, Sensors, Power, Photonic and advanced IC packaging. APC provides added value from Innovation to Industrialization (I2I). In the area of these advanced IC's, our patented molding technology Film Assist Molding (FAM) can offer more flexibility to the design options for the customer. The application range is wide from consumer electronics to automotive and medical industry.

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